Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

You can choose whether to spend your time handling your profit and loss statement,balance sheet and other daily bookkeeping, or spending that time building your business or creating memories with your family. If you’d rather be out living your life, you can simply entrust your typical financial transactions— check stubs, profit loss statement, deposit slips, statements, revenue sheets, and other records—to a firm like Randy J. Elder, CPA, P.C. who will handle all your financial record-keeping.

We understand that proper bookkeeping and accounting is one of the most tedious tasks in running a business, yet it is one of the most important. Why? Because the three most common reasons small businesses fail are:

  • Commingling of business with personal finances
  • Lack of bookkeeping and accounting
  • Undercapitalization

Many small business owners simply lack the time, understanding, or tools to maintain proper accounting records. Luckily, financial guidance and understanding are part of our Monthly Write-Up Service. We provide you:

  • General ledger showing the transactions behind your financial statement balances
  • Unlimited consultation to help you understand your financial information
  • Payroll register showing information on all employees
  • Statement of assets, liabilities, and owner’s capital
  • Bank reconciliations for each bank account
  • Profit and loss statement (P&L)

Tax compliance issues can cost you thousands of dollars in fines. Your fees for our monthly Write-Up Bookkeeping Service can be as low as $250 per month. If you choose our Checkwriter Software your monthly fee can be as low as $185 per month.