Business Consulting Service – Financial Statements

You can choose to pursue financial statements with faster growth and bigger profits, just by participating in a 15- to 45-minute consultation each month with Randy Elder. This easy step allows you to stay on top of your finances, providing an in-depth professional view of how you’re doing and what you can improve. With a financial analyst always working your financial accounting, you can more easily enhance your business and avoid potential problems.

You may think if there’s money on your financial statements left over at the end of the month, you’ve made a profit. But, that is not always true. Although you may be using an accounting system in your business, you’re probably not trained as an accountant, or to accurately decipher the information your system provides. Randy Elder can help you interpret your financial statements, really understand what the numbers mean, and use the information to make your business more profitable.

Our Business Consulting Service is a tool delivering:

  • Quick answers to all your questions during the month
  • Analysis of the financial statements you prepare
  • An examination of your financial accounting situation
  • Analysis of your business for process improvement